Professor John RR Searl is new faculty Head

14 11 2008

The Institute of Infinity Sciences is proud to announce that Professor John Searl, inventor of the Searl-Effect Generator (SEG) and the Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV) has agreed to join the Board of Directors of the Institute. He also takes the post of Head of our new Faculty of Space Science. Professor Searl has duly been awarded an honary Doctorate (Phd) in Space Science by the University.

Professor John Searl Phd - Head of Space Science Faculty
Professor John Searl Phd – Head of Space Science Faculty

 John Searl’s work over the past 4 decades has received much press coverage and praise from every corner of the globe. He is currently working in many countries including a large base in Thailand, where he is in discussion with high level officials regarding his IGV project. A movie is currently being made about this enigmantic, groundbreaking scientist who some have dubbed a genius of the order of Einstein and Tesla.

The Institute welcomes John and will publish updates of his work in our Journal and other publications. Professor Searl has many websites dedicated to his work including and many more.

The Science of Attraction

21 02 2008


The Institute of Infinity Sciences is currently investigating the link between the Law of Attraction as posited in many ‘new age’ arenas, with the latest theories of quantum mechanics. It looks as if the convergence between these two arcane models is increasing daily as more scientists and new-agers begin to study each others’ claims.

We may be on the brink of a whole new way of describing the world we occupy. Along with this clearer understanding comes a sense of wonder at the sheer magnitude of human reality.

Professor David J. Searle, of the University of Infinity Sciences is currently writing a paper which details practical experiments he has undertaken in his specialist field of Reality Engineering, utilising aspects of holographic theory, abundance theory and the latest research into quantum fields. Dr. Searle is determined to develop practical applications for these theories which can have positive outcomes for humanity. His latest batch of results indicate that a breakthrough is imminent. More soon.