The Science of Attraction

21 02 2008


The Institute of Infinity Sciences is currently investigating the link between the Law of Attraction as posited in many ‘new age’ arenas, with the latest theories of quantum mechanics. It looks as if the convergence between these two arcane models is increasing daily as more scientists and new-agers begin to study each others’ claims.

We may be on the brink of a whole new way of describing the world we occupy. Along with this clearer understanding comes a sense of wonder at the sheer magnitude of human reality.

Professor David J. Searle, of the University of Infinity Sciences is currently writing a paper which details practical experiments he has undertaken in his specialist field of Reality Engineering, utilising aspects of holographic theory, abundance theory and the latest research into quantum fields. Dr. Searle is determined to develop practical applications for these theories which can have positive outcomes for humanity. His latest batch of results indicate that a breakthrough is imminent. More soon.

Time travel is just a matter of……TIME

20 02 2008
The Institute of Infinity Sciences has developed a ground-breaking theory which will allow us to optimise hyper-travel scenarios and bring unlimited travel opportunities to humanity much sooner than was previously supposed.The theory states that what we need to do is simply to set up an organisation dedicated to the development of hyper-travel – intergalactic, time and parallel universe travel – and wait for our future colleagues to send back the information we need to make hyper-travel a reality.

The criterion here is one of readiness – is the human race ready to receive such opportunities and can we be trusted to use hyper-travel for the good of all. If we fail to organise or to show that we are morally ready, our colleagues in the far future – who already enjoy unlimited hyper-travel – will simply not let the information pass back to us. Obviously at some date forward of Now we have already received the information. The sooner we get the organisations and safeguards in place, the sooner we will gain complete travel freedom.

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