First Reality Engineering Programmes Launched

10 11 2008

Today we come to an historic moment – the release of the very first reality engineering programmes by the Institute of Infinity Sciences. Six titles are available with more soon to follow.

Two areas are covered – Earth Politics and Lifestyle – titles include:

Scenario 000001 – Peaceful Planet

Scenario 000002 – Good Government

Scenario 000003 – Peace in Darfur

Scenario 000004 – Peace in the Middle East

Scenario 000005 – Health Wealth and Happiness

Scenario 000006 – My Ideal Job

As can be seen from the many zeros in these scenario numbers – we are planning over 1 million titles in the series – covering every conceivable area of life. At a later date we will also be offering custom built and personalised scenarios which can include people’s names and cover unique personal circumstances.

There is really no limit to what can be achieved through the use of these breakthrough scientific audio programmes.

scenario-000004-peace-in-the-middle-east Currently the Institute is in the process of building a website, from which our audio programmes can be bought on CD or shorter versions of the programmes downloaded for use with Ipods and mp3 players.

Although it may take some time for these programmes – and Reality Engineering itself – to be accepted by the scientific establishment, we at the Institute and University of Infinity Sciences are proud to introduce what we consider the first of many practical scientific breakthrough applications which will result from our innovative academic work.



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