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The University of Infinity Sciences is dedicated to bringing new scientific ideas to the mainstream. Already we offer talented scientists the opportunity to study at the far distant edges of human experience and knowledge. We look forward to opening our growing knowledge base and academic awards portfolio to those gifted thinkers who are able to transcend the boundaries of traditional higher education and walk courageously into a momentous future.

 Currently we offer the following academic courses to members of the public:

Certificate in Applied Holographic Science

Certificate in Reality Engineering

Diploma in Reality Engineering

BSc in Reality Engineering with Holographic Science

We are currently preparing some research papers for publication early in 2009 – as well as opening a new Audio Department which will produce a vast range of personal development and educational programmes based upon our latest research. 

To apply, please email us:

10 responses

19 03 2011
Michael Sollars

I wouild like to know more about your opportunities offered.

8 04 2011
David Searle

Currently this project is on hold – though plans for big surge forward in 2012 are in place – I will contact you again nearer the time. Thank you for your interest. Great things to come…

4 12 2011
Kevin B.

Dr. Searle, I am a musician looking to diversify my talents/interests to the filed of Hyper-Travel. I am currently looking to matriculate at CUNY as either a major in Physics or Electromechanical Engineering. Could you, perhaps, suggest which would be the best major to further my interest in Hyper-Travel? I know the career shift is drastic but it’s always been a dream of mine.

4 12 2011
Kevin B.

errata: field instead of filed.

4 08 2012
Kumaran Sanmugathasan

What is happening with the i9nstitute. Is it still operating?

17 11 2013
Micah Otto

Where do I get signed up!?

4 01 2015

I graduated with a BSc in hyper time-travel from this university in the year 2154, and can really recommend the course. (Naturally you will have to wait until 2136 to enrol). Unfortunately my outstanding student loan is over 3,000,000 EuroDollars, but I managed to win the lottery in 2016 to pay it off.

15 03 2015
Richard Lawrence

I am Richard Lawrence, I am a sound musician. I play with high frequencies. My life long interest and work has been to strengthen and fortify the electromagnetic field in and around the body. I believe we can travel through sound frequencies. I am completely and utterly excited about the implications of your work and applications you have demonstrated in your life. May we meet at some time in the near future.
harmonically yours,
Richard lawrence

8 05 2015
Robert Collier

Please accept the following file for information download containing a re-derivation of Pi and the solution for the curvature of space-time:

16 06 2018
Langston Whitley

Im currently 15 years old, a freshman in Florida Us and I would like to know what I would learn, where this program is located, and what I need to know before I apply or make a descision.

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